Eddie Featured in Esquire UK (January 2013)

Scans courtesy of Kate at iloveeddieredmayne.tumblr.com.

Heads up: you can find Eddie Redmayne in the January 2013 issue of Esquire UK. A majority of the feature shows a gorgeous photo shoot; however, there is also a one-page article, in which he laughs about being the sixth most popular “Eddie” on the internet and shares a Les Mis story about how director Tom Hooper got revenge on a lie Eddie told about his horseback riding skills.

“There was a moment on set,” he says, “where I looked around and thought, ‘Why don’t I grab that flag, knock that guy off that horse, leap onto the horse, and gallop off into the sunset?’ I told Tom, and he said, “Right, I am going to make do that.’ The film became a test of my equestrian ‘skills.’ I’d worked with a horse trainer for weeks. I have yet to see whether all my horse moments have been cut.”

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