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Today marks Eddie’s 32nd Birthday! He was born in London on January 6th, 1982.

From all the staff at Eddie Redmayne Online, we would like to wish him all the best on this very special day and may all his dreams come true!

Feel free to leave your birthday messages for Eddie in this post.

  • Jan 06, 14Taylor-Rose says:  

    Mr Redmayne you are an incredible human. So irrevecobaly talented, your acting capabilities are so versatile and not too mention you are devilishly handsome. I adore you in many ways and I would love to meet you! I hope you have the happiest birthday! I send nothing but health, happiness and prosperity to you ????????

  • Jan 06, 14Olivia says:  

    Happy Birthday Eddie! You are so talented and you’re my absolute favourite actor! Hope you have a great day and I can’t wait to see what is to come from you in the future!

  • Jan 06, 14Mskie says:  

    Happy birthday Eddie! Can’t believe you’re 32 now!! Hope you have a lovely day and that this year is just as amazing for you as last year was! Lots of love dude <3 xx

  • Jan 06, 14Anna says:  

    Happy birthday to one of my favourite human beings! I can’t believe you’re 32 now! I’m 16 snd since some years ago you’ve been one of my reasons to carry on. You’re inspiring, talented and such a good person! This world needs more pople like you. You’re a true gentleman. I hope someday I’ll see you on the street or something and thank you everything you’ve done for me. This year will be amazing for you, I know it. All my love and best wishes,

    Anna πŸ™‚

  • Jan 06, 14Milla says:  

    Happy Birthday Eddie!<3 Best wishes from Finland! xx

  • Jan 06, 14Daria Sipigina says:  

    Dear Edward John David Redmayne,

    You can’t even imagine what role you played in my life. I still do not want to watch all the films you are playing in, so precious they are to me. You are unique – so unusual, so passionate, so sincere. Please, do not betray yourself and keep doing what you feel is worth doing. Be happy – isn’t that the vital thing in life people are in all ways striving for?.

    Happy birthday, Eddie – so dear to all of us.

  • Jan 06, 14Rebecca Macdonald says:  

    Happy Birthday Eddie! You have inspired me to persue what I love and many others like me. One day I wish I am able to tell you this myself. I hope you have a great day and 2014 is good to you πŸ™‚

    Just remember you always have the support of all your fans and that we love you πŸ™‚

  • Jan 06, 14Vivian says:  


  • Jan 06, 14Kimberley Jones says:  

    Happy Birthday Eddie.

    Thank you for you amazing on screen talents. You are a true inspiration to me and many others.

    You have played a key role in my return back to armature dramatics. Though your exquisite performance as Marius in Les Miserables, I felt I had to at least attempt my dreams. I only hope I can be a fraction as talented as you.

    Have a wonderful day, cant wait to see you on screen again soon.

    Kimberley xxxxx

  • Jan 06, 14Linda Bloemheuvel says:  

    Happy Birthday!! And keep up the good work! Love from Holland.

  • Jan 06, 14Sasha says:  

    Happy birthday Eddie! I hope everything goes your way πŸ™‚ i wish you the best, both for your life and your career! I LOVE you soo much, i know it might sounds weird but i do love you!! (not like love, ‘love’, but like, you know what i mean), i LOVE your works (Eddie Kreezer is my favorite, no kidding, my friends were like freaked out by your character but i found him fascinating and all, and there i knew that you’re one talented person). Oh! I also love your personality (i mean it’s not that i know you personally, buy you seem like a cool guy and i admire you just so much)

    So i hope this year will be real nice to you because i can’t wait for your another works!!
    Best wishes from Indonesia πŸ™‚
    Sasha, 16
    (I hope you at least notice this, goddd you’re not just gonna make my day you’ll make my life lol sorry for sounding so desperate but yeah bye xx)

  • Jan 06, 14Taylor B says:  

    Happy birthday Eddie!! I hope this year brings you lots of excitement!!

  • Jan 06, 14Karen W. says:  

    Happy birthday, Eddie! I hope your day is fantastic and this year will be full of blessings for you! You’re very talented so you deserve a great day!! πŸ™‚

  • Jan 06, 14Linda pandelus says:  

    Happy birthday hunny,hope you have a great day and get lots of pressies. Lots of love Linda xxxx

  • Jan 06, 14Helen says:  

    Happy birthday Eddie!!!!! Hope you have a fab day x

  • Jan 06, 14Olya Z says:  

    Happy Birthday, Eddie! You’re one of my favorite actors. Wish you all the best! I hope you’ll win Oscar soon! =D

    Love from Russia

  • Jan 06, 14Grace Puffer says:  

    Happy Birthday Eddie! Hope it’s wonderful! We love you and support you in everything you do!

  • Jan 06, 14Dora says:  

    Happy Birthday Eddie! Wish you all the best, have a wonderful day.
    Lots of love from Budapest, Hungary

  • Jan 06, 14Yukie Inoue says:  

    Happy Birthday, Eddie.

    I hope you will have a great year.
    I like you so much!!

    From Japan, Yukie

  • Jan 06, 14Chandini says:  

    Happy Birthday Eddie,
    wish you all the best.I love your work and hope for more.Have a nice day.

    From Berlin Julia

  • Jan 06, 14Louise says:  

    Happy Birthday Mr R – hope you have a wonderful day and are spoiled rotten???? looking sooo forward to much more of your talent in 2014 – best wishes Louise, Denmark

  • Jan 06, 14Rebeka says:  

    Happy Birthday Eddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) =)
    Wishing you a pretty joyful year from Hungary!!!!!! =)

  • Jan 06, 14Helene says:  

    Happy birthday lovely Eddie, I hope you have a great day, you are love by so many and it’s only because you are who you are. You are so awesome, Love one of your fan Helene <3

  • Jan 06, 14Hayley Ko says:  

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDIE! Wishing you a wonderful life from Guam. πŸ™‚ Hope you have a good one! πŸ™‚ xx

  • Jan 06, 14Josefien says:  

    Heeey Eddie, Happy-Birtday.
    I hope you had a nice day.
    I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world.
    Greetings from a fan of Belgium!
    X Josefien

  • Jan 06, 14Giselle says:  

    Not that I can match some of the other comments, but I’d just like to wish you, my idol, an incredible birthday and to wish you many more years! Your work is absolutely amazing and never have I heard of such a gentlemen who is so irrevocably amazing – please never change, you are a gift to our society and we treasure you! Hope you have a wonderful celebration xxxxxx

  • Jan 06, 14Bryden says:  

    happy birthday to the most amazing Marius ever! you are truly talented in every possible way and I wish you the best for the many years to come. Lots of love for you here in Atlanta πŸ™‚ XXXXX

  • Jan 06, 14Marose says:  

    Happy Birthday to you, Eddie!!! will always be a Jack Jackson to me. πŸ™‚ Greetings from the Philippines…. Maligayang Kaarawan!!!

  • Jan 06, 14Megan Conklin says:  

    Happy birthday, Eddie! It is no surprise that you were born on Epiphany, for you truly are a gift to the world! Wishing you the best of luck throughout the upcoming year and beyond! You never cease to amaze us with your talent and wit.

    Lots of love,

  • Jan 06, 14Jessica Read says:  

    Happy birthday Mr. Redmayne! This past year has been great a great year with the realese of Les Miserables, plus much more work that you have done. I wish the best of luck with your upcoming project Jupiter Acsending and much much more. Hope your day is all you have wished for and have another great year!

  • Jan 06, 14Sam says:  

    Happy Birthday Mr Redmayne! I hope you have a lovely day πŸ™‚ You are a very talented actor! I hope one day I get to meet you πŸ™‚ One of your biggest fans πŸ™‚

    Lots of Love
    Sam xx

  • Jan 06, 14Tina says:  

    Happy Birthday Eddie! I hope you have wonderful day. Can’t wait to see you in Jupiter Ascending and Theory of Everything. Many greetings from Germany!!

  • Jan 06, 14Ronnie says:  

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDIE! You’re an amazing actor and I can’t wait to see you in Jupiter Ascending! I first saw you in Les Mis and btw, you did great πŸ™‚ I hope that someday I get to meet you! From one of your BIGGEST fans, Ronnie <3

  • Jan 06, 14Emma says:  

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDIE ! πŸ™‚ You know, you’re my favorite actor since I watched “The Pillars Of The Earth”. I do hope you will come back to France ( because, yes, I’m a french teenager), and I really hope I and one of my best friends, get to meet you someday :D. It’s impossible to imagine how I love you,.
    Your BIGGEST french fan, Emma <3 !

  • Jan 06, 14Emma says:  

    Happy birthday Eddie πŸ˜‰ you are one of the most amazing actor in the world and i really love watching your movies πŸ˜‰
    bonne annΓ©e ! πŸ˜€ from France <3

  • Jan 06, 14Michelle Cohrs says:  

    Happy Birthday Eddie <3 I'm looking forward to all your upcoming movies and thank you so much for playing in the film Like Minds. You and Tom are just perfectly fit in there together. Forever a Like Minds fangirl, haha!

    Have a wonderful day ^^

    Lots of love,
    Michelle from the Netherlands

  • Jan 06, 14Setuko says:  

    Happy birthday to Eddie.
    Otanjyoubi Omedetou In Japanese.

  • Jan 10, 14Phoebe says:  


    I am aspiring to be an actress and have found your performances so genuine and brilliant they have been my inspiration. Thank you and happy belated Birthday!


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