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The Danish Girl” director, Tom Hooper, and its two stars – Eddie and Alicia Vikander have posed for a photocall session today in Copenhagen, Denmark as the production starts filming in the danish capital.

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  • Nov 24, 15Jennifer Balgobin says:  

    Hello Eddie,
    I am absolutely blown away with your performance in The Danish Girl. Wow!! Bravo bravo bravo! What a great story and relationship between the actors. Thank you gor a wonderful performance. I could go on.. I hope you continue to choose projects which allow you such transformation emotionally and physically.

  • Sep 04, 16shahid munir says:  

    Hi Eddie, I did not know you before watching the Danish Girl. I never shed tears while watching any movie, but this one, in particular, I may say that I did. Not only it was a stunning performance but it seemed that you were in the character itself. You did not have to say a word, your eyes did all the talking. You have no clue how profoundly it touched me when watching your performance. Then I followed your performance and just saw The Theory Of Everything, I guess even Steven Hawkings must be amazed by watching you play him in an outstanding and difficult role. Keep it up sir, I WILL be looking forward to more of your work. About me, I am a banker and happily married with a six-year-old daughter living in Phoenix Arizona.

    Kindest Regards.


  • Sep 21, 16Rich Barton says:  

    I like to say that last night I saw the Danish girl and what a moving part that you played, wow is the only word I can say, all day today I was still thinking of this movie thanks for doing a very good job, I am blown away by the way you made me feel, thanks, rjb 2016

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