Vanity Fair Italy + Loaded Magazine Scans

Thanks to a lovely contribution by Cinzia, one of our followers, I have added the scans of Eddie in the newest issue of Italian Vanity Fair in which he graces its cover! You can read the translation of the article that you can find inside the magazine. Also make sure to check out the scans for Loaded magazine in our gallery. Enjoy!

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If you have never heard about him you don’t have to feel guilty. The Theory of everything is his very first important role. If you don’t understand how an Academy Awards could go to someone you’ve never heard about (and DiCaprio never got one), you must see his portray of Stephen Hawking.

Thirty-three years old, English, good and wealthy family, right studies, (Eton first and History of Art at Cambridge then), newlyweds with Hannah Bagshawe – antiquarian with whom he shares a nose not exactly perfect and to whom he pointed his finger to when he got the award saying “Hannah, I love you so much” – Edward John David Redmayne – called Eddie – stays to Hollywood business as Rania di Giordania stays to 7Eleven.

Grew up in between townhouse of Chelsea and his family mason in the south of France – with a private pool, tennis court and a vineyard – Eddie has always shown abilities as showman. His mother Patricia says that when he was 6 he could sing like an angel (and you can have the proof watching Les Misérables) and that he loved to act. At 12 he played his very first role in Oliver! by Sam Mendes. He had just one line (“Here there are the books you ordered, sir”) but it will be like a good luck charm.

He would like to study to become an actor but his parents, as all the parents in the world, suggested that a good degree was better. Eton, the school where, as of a few of years ago, boys were subscribed as they were born (and where Eddie went with Prince Harry), and the Trinity College of Cambridge University – the highway of all the people that counts – didn’t keep him away from his passion. In 2002 he had his first important role at theatre: Viola in Sheakespeare’s The twelfth Night. A girl who dresses like a guy: critics say that with those lips he can play everyone. That will come handy in The Theory of Everything: “similar experiences because Shakespeare’s characters are icons in the same way, people know them very well”.
In his theatrical years he lived in a weird way: “I worked in a bar at night, in the meantime I already ad an agent. But, most of all, I didn’t have to care about the rent. I’m a very lucky guy, I know. But I don’t have only rich friends.”.

Since 2004 he started to collect awards from critics, then he landed on big screen in his first movie role where he said he didn’t know anything about. Will be Scarlett Johansson to give him the list of movies he must see in order to be an actor. Not snob at all when it is about work, joins some English TV shows and he’s the model of Burberry campaign, twice. The second in 2012 with Cara Delevingne: a bunch of years younger but with the same social background. It was since Robert Redford that freckles – he’s full of them – have never been so sexy.
For The theory of Everything he studied in a maniacal way: he studied all Hawking’s video he could find, he worked with a neuroscientist, he met with tons of patients with ALS. He also met their families and studied with a dance teacher to have more control of his body so he could move it as someone that have lost control of it. Naturally he met also Stephen Hawking and it didn’t go so well: “I was so embarrassed that nothing good come out of my mouth – it always happen when I’m embarrassed – since when, at one point, I found out we were born a bunch of days apart so I said: we are both Capricorn! It followed and awkward silence and then I heard the metallic voice come out of his machine say “I’m an astronomer not an astrologist””. During all the time the movie was filmed, Redmayne was terrified about disappointing Stephen, Jane, his first wife who wrote the book that inspired the movie, and their sons. Apparently that not happened since Hawking, after learning about the Eddie’s victory wrote on his Facebook page “I’m proud of you!”.

And now what’s next for him? Another complex role (in The Danish Girl where he’ll play transsexual artist), an honeymoon (he got married last December but he postponed after the Academy Awards) and a “normal” life with a wife who calls him on the set to let him know that the washing machine is broken. Congratulations!