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i7ltfqtclooEddie appears on the cover of the November 2016 issue of Rhapsody magazine. The beautiful editorial inside is shot by the talented photographer Jason Bell. You can read the interview conducted by Lizzy Goodman on their website, here!

“When you turn the camera on Eddie, he’s got such soul. His capacity for compassion is enormous.” Fantastic Beasts director David Yates.


“When I got cast in this film, my grandma was like, ‘I always knew you could play a wizard. She was thrilled.”

Source: Rhapsody Magazine


Exciting news as Focus Features have announced that “The Danish Girl” will be released in the US on Thanksgiving Weekend! The film will premiere in both New York and LA on Friday November 27th, 2015.

The film is directed by Tom Hooper and is based on David Ebershoff’s novel and narrates the exceptional love story of early 20th-century Danish artists Einar and Gerda Wegener whose marriage and work are cast into the unknown when Einar begins a groundbreaking journey to become one of the world’s first transgender women, Lili Elbe. As you probably know, Eddie stars as Einar/Lili and his co-star is the talented Alicia Vikander.

Focus Features’s CEO Peter Schlessel shared some words in regards to the release of the project.

“In the tradition of Focus’ history of epic and moving love stories, THE DANISH GIRL promises to be unforgettable. Tom Hooper is an extraordinary storyteller who always elicits beautiful performances from his actors. We are so pleased to be working with Eddie Redmayne again after our shared success with Working Title on The Theory of Everything.”



Yahoo Style have published an interview with Eddie and Felicity in which they talk about Hollywood fame, the Oscars and their roles of a lifetime in “The Theory of Everything”. The feature is accompanied by some lovely portraits of the on-screen couple.

“Whenever I’m in L.A., I’m always either an hour late or two hours early,” Eddie Redmayne says as he sits down at a table at the Los Angeles bistro Republique. “I can’t get anywhere on time.” The actor and his cast mate Felicity Jones are attending a party hosted by Yahoo Style celebrating their film The Theory of Everything, which has been nominated for an Oscar for best picture. Redmayne, who is quickly plowing through a large plate of hors d’oeuvres and a small basket of French fries, still hasn’t quite settled into his new role as Hollywood celebrity.

“Does anyone ever feel comfortable in it?” he asks. “How am I doing?” He’s told he looks perplexed. “Yeah,” says the 33-year-old actor. “I am. I’m not going to lie.”

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Eddie is on the cover of the newest issue of Intelligent Life magazine with a very interesting feature inside in which journalist Clemency Burton-Hill follows him through the process of becoming Stephen Hawking as he prepared for his role in The Theory of Everything. Make sure to grab a copy at your nearest newstands but for now, you can read the article online here.

“My grandma was a great worrier and I think I inherited that from her. I worry that it takes me longer than most actors to really… embed things.” As he often does when discussing his work, Redmayne slips into the second person. “So the thing that gets you out of bed at the crack of dawn is the knowledge that you’re going to be judged for it, in front of an audience. It is a great driving factor, the stakes being high.”

Rising star Eddie Redmayne caught everyone’s eye with his performance in last year’s Les Miserables and now on the verge of landing the biggest movie role of his career thus far. The project is Theory of Everything and Redmayne would be playing physicist Stephen Hawking. Oscar winning documentary filmmaker James Marsh (Man on Wire) is set to helm the picture.

Theory of Everything, penned by Anthony McCarten, will explore the relationship between Hawking and his wife. It surely will be a very challenging role for Redmayne. Anyone familiar with Stephen Hawking is aware of the fact that he’s been battling a motor neuron disease that’s related to ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) for the majority of his life. He was first diagnosed at age 21 and doctors expected he had about two more years to live. Understandably, news of the diagnosis left Hawking depressed and he saw little reason to continue with his studies. Those feelings started to change when Hawking began a relationship and got engaged to his soon-to-be wife, Jane Wilde, who , as Hawking put it himself, gave him “something to live for”. It will be interesting to see how the relationship is explored in the film and what Redmayne can bring to the role.

No word yet on who will play Hawking’s wife, but filming is expected to start in the early fall.


While at the Les Misérables event on February 20th, hosts Vanity Fair got in touch with Eddie Redmayne to talk about the film. With talk of on set weight loss and ice baths from some actors, what did Eddie do to prepare for the role of Marius? Check out his honest answer below along with other comments on Les Mis.

Much has been made about the extreme preparation that Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman underwent for Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables adaptation. Hathaway shed 25 pounds off her already thin frame, sent her new husband away to achieve the novel’s eponymous misery, and agreed to have her real hair chopped off for authenticity during a musical sequence. Jackman literally sang while bench pressing, quit coffee, consumed up to seven liters of water a day, insisted on flying with a washcloth over his face to keep his vocal cords moisturized, and subjected himself to regular ice baths. So to what inhuman lengths did Eddie Redmayne go to play Marius in the film?

“I did jack shit!,” the British actor joked to us last night at a party to celebrate Les Mis, co-hosted by Vanity Fair and Chrysler, at Eveleigh restaurant in West Hollywood. “There was a moment [on set] when I was sitting with Tom during rehearsal, and we were waiting for Hugh and a few other people. I asked where they were, and he said they were at the gym. He said, ‘You’re the leading man! Why aren’t you in the gym?’ I said, ‘Because I get to wear a costume! And I don’t have go through the hideousness of being emaciated. Why aren’t you in the gym?”

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There is a great and very long Eddie article/interview in Fade In, along with gorgeous new photos. Eddie talks a lot about acting, including the balancing act of stage versus film, and delves into his personal journey to Les Mis and beyond. Because of the original format, I’m posting the whole thing under the cut (for easy reading); however, please do give support to the source.

You’ve said that you’ve found fear to be inspiring. How?
Because generally I’ve found that the work that I’ve done that’s outside of my comfort zone, when I have to leap further from myself, I find I tend to do more interesting work, and I find the process more disconcerting, but also more exhilarating. So it’s often the parts I feel like I’ve been pushed on the most as an actor, when I’m cast in something that feels entirely inappropriate, but someone has offered it to me, some mad person has a bit of blind faith in me taking that. Like I did a film called The Yellow Handkerchief, where I played an adopted Native American, or Hick or Savage Grace, playing this incestuous kid. The things where it feels really outside of my comfort zone are the more intriguing ones for me, and certainly Les Miz felt like the extremity of that because it was a musical.

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Scans courtesy of Kate at iloveeddieredmayne.tumblr.com.

Heads up: you can find Eddie Redmayne in the January 2013 issue of Esquire UK. A majority of the feature shows a gorgeous photo shoot; however, there is also a one-page article, in which he laughs about being the sixth most popular “Eddie” on the internet and shares a Les Mis story about how director Tom Hooper got revenge on a lie Eddie told about his horseback riding skills.

“There was a moment on set,” he says, “where I looked around and thought, ‘Why don’t I grab that flag, knock that guy off that horse, leap onto the horse, and gallop off into the sunset?’ I told Tom, and he said, “Right, I am going to make do that.’ The film became a test of my equestrian ‘skills.’ I’d worked with a horse trainer for weeks. I have yet to see whether all my horse moments have been cut.”

While gearing up for Les Misérables Oscar buzz, Deadline conducted an interview with Eddie Redmayne to talk about the highly anticipated movie-musical adaptation. A lot of his answers may sound familiar as he touches on his audition and working with Tom Hooper, but he does go into the craft of stage versus film and includes a sweet anecdote about West End actors supporting him as he portrayed Marius on screen. Check out an excerpt below before heading to the source for more.

AwardsLine: Is it true that, technically, you weren’t the only Marius on set?
A lot of the [men playing students in the barricade] had been in the London production of Les Mis, and you know they’ve witnessed the musical sung so many times, so there was an apprehension about that, and after a few days I’d realized that seven of them had played Marius. Obviously, that made me mildly terrified, but they were incredibly generous, and it was wonderful to be able to talk with them about how they interpreted things or about moments I was struggling with. It became a dialogue, and you felt a camaraderie.