– Acting has done a strange thing to me, though. I often sit there, thinking, “I love this, but I wouldn’t put my daughter on the stage.”

– In England we have this saying about Marmite: people either love it or hate it. That’s like a lot of the movie work I’ve done. People either find it repulsive or find it really interesting and get engaged in it.

– I’m getting better, but I remain one of the most ill-educated filmgoers in the world.

– For me colour blindness feels like you haven’t really been taught colours particularly well, so a dark blue I’ll think is a purple and a purple with lots of whites in it I’ll think is a blue. Particular tones of green and brown and red become confusing.

– I’m as voyeuristic and intrigued as the next person as to how celebrities live.

– I come from a family of brothers and there is definitely a redness in our hair, obviously in my name, but in this particular film, the character has bright ginger hair and I had to go through a huge hair dyeing process. And all the stuff that I’ve read about it, it’s sort of like ‘Eddie Red-Ma(y)ne is incredibly appropriate,’ ‘The ginger actor,’ and I’m like, ‘Noooo!’ I spent all my life saying that I might have a mousey brown, with a bit of an auburn tinge, but I think I’ve given it all away with ‘Pillars’ where I’m a full-on redhead.

– I walk around talking to myself in accents, usually people look at me like I’m a complete fruit loop.

Dawson’s Creek was deeply moving stuff.

– Well, the reason I got cast in Savage Grace is because I have freckles and reddish tinge of hair, which was ideal for Julianne, and the reason I got cast in The Good Shepherd is because I have massive lips. So I have a lot to thank both Angie and Julie for!

– I feel like I’ve worked my way through the Medieval period into the Elizabethan period, and now having done My Week With Marilyn along with Savage Grace, I’ve done the ’50s and ’60s. I was just on a film in North Carolina, and it was set in the ’80s. I’m sort of, step-by-step, working my way into the modern day.

– When you’re working with actors of Ian McShane’s caliber and Matthew Macfadyen… you try by osmosis to pick things up.

– Once in an audition, I lied and said I did-and I almost got killed! So when I got to the audition for this movie [The Other Boleyn Girl], I told the truth. I was sent to horse camp, and now I’m a proper equestrian!

– LA is mental, Completely f***ing nuts. If you’re an actor there for work, it’s hard not to resist being consumed by this weird, bubble-like existence. […] when I went there for the first time, five years ago, I was staying with my agent. I came down for breakfast in the morning and there was a copy of [industry paper] Variety on the table. I picked it up and dropped it immediately – it meant nothing to me. But just three weeks later, I’d wake up and be enthralled by headlines about Jennifer Aniston’s new lovers. And yet, at the same time, I didn’t even know the proper news, like the fact that the pope had died. Mental.

– [In America] when you’re in a shop, they’re endlessly saying, “Have a nice day!” I never realized how grumpy we Brits are until now! Now I go around L.A telling people to have nice days.

– I go to the theater two or three times a week when I’m in London. Whereas I feel guilty going to the cinema in the middle of the afternoon.

– Scarlett [Johansson] had a party and invited my brothers. They were in seventh heaven!

– I feel like a Timberlake stalker. I did a film with Elena Anaya, who was in the “Sexyback” video. Scarlett was in “What Goes Around… Comes Around,” and Jessica is going out with him! But he doesn’t need to watch his back. If I could pull moves like him, maybe…

– My parents really enjoyed Sex and the City. So they were, like, “If Kim Cattrall says you’re OK, you’re OK.” It was a moment of validation, so thanks Kim.

– Micharel Grandage [artistic director at the Donmar] called me and said “Two words: Richard II, yes or no?” I laughed hysterically, then said yes. Obviously.

– Learning lines is hard for me because I have the attention span of a six year old. That’s why being on planes all the time is so useful – I’m forced to learn out of boredom.

– While we were shooting The Other Boleyn Girl, Scarlett Johansson basically discovered how few movies I’d seen, because whenever she’d ask if I’d seen a film, like GoodFellas, the answer was no. She compiled a whole list of the films I should watch.

– I just think we [actors] are very lucky. I was saying this to a friend over Christmas–that we don’t realize how lucky we are, and we take it for granted sometimes that we have these opportunities to discover these new places and actually really get into the culture and the life. As opposed to just kind of flying in for a little holiday and seeing the facade and the superficial side of the place.

– I see a lot of my friends from New York and L.A. substantially more than my friends in London.

– I’m a total Marmite actor, you either love what I do or hate it. I’ve done it all: incest, matricide, plenty of gay roles, paedophillia… Although I’m not sure I should really be joking about those things – I’m a bit worried it won’t come across all that well. I read on a blog once: “Eddie Redmayne either does period dramas or plays American f***-ups”.

[On whether he is ready for stardom] – You never really believe that any of that is going to happen.…I love what I do provided I can keep working and continue to do both theater and film, then I’m very happy.

– [On kissing Scarlett Johansson in The Other Boleyn Girl] Together we had lips bigger than Christendom. We didn’t even need to stand in the same room.