– He attended Eton College where his drama teachers included Mark Rylance, an actor who would go on to appear with him in The Other Boleyn Girl.

– He was named Outstanding Newcomer at the London Evening Standard Awards 2004 and the London Critic’s Circle Theatre Awards 2005 for his performance in Edward Albee’s ‘The Goat or Who is Sylvia’ with Jonathan Pryce at the Almeida Theatre, Islington.

– Has played a character in two biopics about Elizabeth I. In 2005, he played Southampton, and in 2007 he played Thomas Babington. Both of the characters were traitors. In 2008, he will appear in ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’; one of the leading characters is Henry VIII, father of Elizabeth I.

– Presented an award at the Orange BAFTA ceremony in 2006.

– Has an older and younger brother, and an older half-brother and half-sister.

– Suffers severe red-green colour-blindness.

– Eddie was Grandage’s first choice of actor to star opposite Molina in “Red”.

– At the age of 12, he appeared in Sam Mendes’s West End production of Oliver as workhouse boy number 40.

– Julianne Moore insisted that Eddie play her son in the 2007 film Savage Grace