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Eddie Redmayne at 10 a.m.
By Rachel Chang, CosmoGirl – March 2008

Is that a smoothie you’re drinking?
Yes, blueberry – and it was darn good! I was eating a burger with everything on it. We don’t have that back home in England.

You had a burger at 10 in the morning?
I did. I’ll tell you what a big British-American misunderstanding is: this idea of brunch. As far as I can work it out, brunch is just lunch that you’re allowed to have at 10 o’clock!

Is there anything else you find strange here?
When you’re in a shop, they’re endlessly saying, “Have a nice day!” I never realized how grumpy we Brits are until now! Now I go around L.A telling people to have nice days.

Sweet! Okay, let’s talk about your movie The Other Boleyn Girl. Did you already know how to ride a horse when you started filming?
No. Once in an audition, I lied and said I did-and I almost got killed! So when I got to the audition for this movie, I told the truth. I was sent to horse camp, and now I’m a proper equestrian!

How was it working with Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman?
They’re brilliant! Scarlett had a party and invited my brothers. They were in seventh heaven!

Speaking of 7th Heaven (ha!), aren’t you also in a movie with Jessica Biel?
Yeah, Powder Blue. I feel like a Timberlake stalker. I did a film with Elena Anaya, who was in the “Sexyback” video. Scarlett was in the “What Goes Around… Comes Around,” and Jessica is going out with him! But he doesn’t need to watch his back. If I could pull moves like him, maybe…

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