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Rising Star Eddie Redmayne
By Sophy Grimshaw, bmi Voyager – June 2008

You and Julianne Moore play a dysfunctional mother and son in Savage Grace, which tells the true story of the wealthy American Baekeland family. Was it a challenging movie to make, given the incestuous angle?

Given her status, it was brave of Julianne to take the role, whereas for me it was an incredible opportunity. It’s such
an extraordinary story; I was desperate to be a part of the telling of it. When I read the script there was no question
that I wanted the job. The real challenge was persuading the director and producers, over a long period of time, to give me the part.

Angelina Jolie has also played your mother – in The Good Shepherd…

Having large lips helped me to get the part of Angelina Jolie’s son in The Good Shepherd and my pale colouring helped me to get the role of Julianne Moore’s son in Savage Grace – two physical features have never been so helpful. Julianne remarked at my audition that I looked like her. Both women are formidable actresses; two of the most instinctive actresses I have worked with. The problem with Angelina is that there are some parts she is almost too beautiful for.

What’s it like to get to act alongside such big names?

I’m seriously lucky, especially as I didn’t go to drama school. Your whole acting career is an apprenticeship and I’ve been learning from the best; what to do and also what not to do. You see some people with extreme status
in the industry who handle it with astounding poise – and some who don’t. Robert De Niro [who also starred alongside Redmayne in The Good Shepherd] is one of the best examples of someone who is extremely kindhearted and a really good guy.

Have you had any run-ins with the paparazzi?

I’m as voyeuristic and intrigued as the next person as to how celebrities live. When I was shooting The Other
Boleyn Girl with Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson, we were in the countryside and suddenly Scarlett freaks
out. She points out a man 10 metres away in a field, dressed in full-on camouflage gear with a bit of grass stuck on him with a telescopic lens. Suddenly a man on a quad bike chases him away. Needless to say I have none of these issues of being followed myself.

You’re making it big in the States. Are you still based in London?

I live with my best mates in Borough, just behind the Tate Modern. People often ask if I’ll move to LA. I really enjoy my stints there but my life is London and I absolutely love it as a city. It’s perfect to flit around interesting places and then come back to it.

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