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Eddie Redmayne has fallen in love in Copenhagen. It happened after he filmed ‘The Danish Girl’ in the city. He says in an interview w. Her & Nu.

Eddie Redmayne plays the lead character as the Danish painter Einar Wegener, who turns into the woman Lili Elbe in ‘The Danish Girl.’ It is based on a true story about the first man, who went through a sex change operation. A great part of the movie has been filmed on location in Copenhagen.

I have a love affair w. Copenhagen, says the 33-year-old British actor Eddie Redmayne, who also visited the city when he was filming ‘The Theory of Everything.’

It is Copenhagen, which is the connection between the two last movies I have made and I’m just in love w. Copenhagen. I love the food, the coffee is exceptionally good and the architecture is beautiful. I can’t say enough nice things about the City, he says to her & Nu.

[Picture of Eddie w. fans in Toronto]

The British director of ‘The Theory of Everything,’ James Marsh is married to a Dane (w. the writer Anne Mette Lundtofte) and lives in Copenhagen. Thus Eddie Redmayne spent 2 weeks in the Danish capital preparing for the part as the physicist Stephen Hawking, for which he won the Oscar.

Eddie Redmayne feels a strong connection to Copenhagen. A city where he feels very welcome and in good company.

The Danish crew were amazing says Eddie Redmayne, who was impressed by the conditions under where they filmed, he says.

We not only had a trailer, but we changed costumes in a beautiful building next to the Opera house and I had pictures of Einar – or that would say Lili, while she lived as Einar in my room.

[Picture of Eddie filming in Nyhavn]

‘The Danish Girl’ is filmed very picturesque and shows a poetic side of the Danish capital. There are several scenes from Nyhavn, where Einar and Gerda Wegener lived as well as pictures from The Royal Theater, Børsen and Nyboder, where one of the characters , Henrik (Ben Whishaw) lived in number 8.

We were there two week and then Hannah would come visit in the weekends. Says Eddie Redmayne referring to his wife; Hannah Bagshawe, who saw him film ‘the Danish Girl’ in the Danish capital.

In other words we had plenty of time to wander about the city – but we also went to the most amazing places in the city when we were filming.

[Picture of Eddie w. Oscar]

The interior of Einar and Gerda Wegeners beautiful apartment in Nyhavn is inspired by the Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøis paintings and Eddie Redmayne was fascinated by the Danish painter.

His paintings are beautiful, says Eddie Redmayne referring to the Danisg painter.

They are simple paintings of interior, where the light sneaks in through the windows.