Gossip and Candids Policy

Although it may be a fair argument to say that those who choose the limelight of celebrity also choose to have every aspect of their life scrutinized in the media, we here at Eddie Redmayne Online (www.eddie-redmayne.net) have assumed an alternative stance. We believe that being a public figure should not have to include a surrender of your privacy to the tabloid industry, and Eddie Redmayne Online wants to encourage this approach to celebrity with our Gossip & Candid Policy. Fortunately, Eddie has scarcely ever been seen aggressively battling the paparazzi unlike so many of his contemporaries.

To most effectively respect Eddie and his family’s privacy, we at Eddie Redmayne Online have decided never to post any unauthorized private candids of either of them on the site. This includes photography of Eddie et al. e.g. shopping, dining, driving and leaving their home. We consider such material “stalkerazzi” and is something we do not wish to encourage. (Please note that this does not include “on set”-footage from the set of a photoshoot or film, which we do post on occasion, provided that it is relevant, newsworthy footage.)

We furthermore stay away from any and all unconfirmed gossip related to Eddie Redmayne and/or his family. This not only adds to his privacy but also reduces misinformation and misunderstandings.

Eddie Redmayne Online is aimed at like-minded fans of Eddie and his work, who are interested in following his career and supporting him. We furthermore believe that said support includes not stalking his every move and take pride in being stalkerazzi-free.